My Happy Life

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I'm Harideep vankayala recently moved to London,United Kingdom for the Master's in Web Designing and Content planning at University of Greenwich. United Kingdom is the first country which I have visited after I got my passport. Before come to UK I was so tensed, because first time in the life I was going to visit the other country,how the people will be, like there are happy to welcome other nationalities. But after reaching to this country my tension was gone,because the people of this country are more welcoming in the nature.

Incredible !ndia

I'm belong to country which is the symbol for the love, culture and traditional. Which is one of the fastest growing economy, Second largest in the terms of population, Leading in the digital payment system and technology sector in the world. As per the Lastest research my Country was standing at second position in the world list in which people want to visit. India has a myriad of landscapes, great heritage and culture, varied flora and fauna.

The taj mahal picture which is located in india along with the reflection of the taj mahal in water

Kondapalli Bommalu

Clay art in the couple are made with the india traditional clothes

I'm belong to the south Asia of India which is common known as the south India. In South India I belong to the state of Andhra Pradesh. My state is famous for the temple's may be because of that Tirupati temple in my state is the one of the rishest temple in the world. Other than the temple my state is famous for the tourism, red chilli, and hand-made clay toys.The official language of my state is Telugu.

My Freedom of life

In the schooling dates I never had any friends, because of my dad's job, for every one or two years he use to get the transfer, because of that we need to relocate to new city, new school, new friends, when I was try to make a new friends in the school as usual he get the transfer. But when I joined my Bachelor's in SRM University which is located in the south part of the India, in a state called Tamil Nadu. where I have seen what is the life looks likes. Where I have learned lot of things from my friends which you can't able to learn from your parents. At this moment of my life final I can able to make friends.

picture of the srm university where i have complete my bachelor degree in india