Good Design

Tooth Brush

I think the Toothbrush is one of the good designs in the world, As human beings, we need to brush our teeth daily to eliminate the bacteria and gems which can cause tooth decay problems, As the modern age generation we all are unaware of the old generation problem with the brushing the teeth, The toothbrush was invented in the year 1938, before the invention of the toothbrush all the people are using the neem brush, The neem brush are so hard to brush the teeth, because the neem brush is used to be big in size, hard in nature, some of the countries which are to be in below poverty line, they use the brick powder and the ashes for the wooden material to brush the teeth, as the technology is growing in a rapid pace, the evolution of the toothbrush has taken place, nowadays most of the people are using the electrical brush to clean the teeth instead of a normal brush.

Door Lock

The door lock plays a vital role in human life, because the door lock we are using in day-to-day life, for example, if we are going out for shopping we will lock the door, if we are going to the supermarket in the car we will use the door lock system over there also to look the door. The door lock was invented in the early 18s, before that we are using wood chips has been used to secure the door, During the olden age, most people used to trade goods using food and other things needed for humans to be sustained, because of that during that time cash and currency concept are not there. When the currency has been used for the purchase of goods and materials, during that time we feared for the stole the currency, and because of that, the door has become a mandatory tool for humans.

Water Gun

Water Gun is one of the most important pieces of hardware that we use in the day to day life, Before the invention of the water gun most people are using the mug for their daily morning activities, for example, bathing, watering plants, etc. As an Indian, I am missing the water Gun in London.