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Who all are User Experience Designers?

Nowadays in this busy world, everyone has no time to meet their loved one every day, do dinner, and spend valuable time together, because this is a competitive world if we stop at any point in life to turn back and see, the competitor will overtake you and will try to achieve your position, so because of that we need to upgrade, adapt our lives lifestyle to match the racing world.

In Golen days people do their professional jobs in their hometown, he/she will do his/her job from morning to evening, and return to their loved ones by the night, once they reach home, they have time to interact with the family, chitchat with the neighbors, and play with the kids, helping the parents all the things. As the world started to move forward and started rapid growth, people started migrating to nearby villages, towns, and cities. Because of their busy lives, they were having a hard time meeting their loved ones. People have started missing their families, the cuisine of the home, etc.

Once a technology has started advancing in a rapid way, technology has started helping the world with different types of problems which they were facing in their day-to-day life. In the olden days (Golden days) we use to have bulls, horses, and donkeys to travel, carry the loads, etc, now in the technology world we are using cars to travel, truck to carry the loads, etc.

In the olden days, we used to have parrots to communicate from one place to place, and parrots, pigeons are the fastest mode of communication in those days. As the population is increasing, new cities are developing in a rapid way, people are running along with time, the technology is started helping the world at every point of their life.

As for User experience, designers need to understand the user problem and we need to solve the problem in the most convenient and easy way. Design the product in a way so that the NBU (Next billion users) can use it. As user experience designers we need to understand the user needs, as a part of understanding the user, for example, solving the user traveling problem from one to another point without using public transport because if a person needs to attend a meeting if he travels by public transport it will take more time then expect to reach the destination, so solve this problem, the user experience designer has come to solve to design an technology which can be helpful to transport the person from one point to another point will less time and we call that technology has uber, bolt, etc.

As we are using technology like uber, that doesn’t means that every driver in uber and other cab service know each and every place in the city, town, and village because of that again the user experience designer has come up with a new solution for the user we call that solution has maps, In olden days we need to ask each and everyone on the way to travel to the destination, but nowadays just we need to enter the name of the destination location, the maps will show to shortest and most economical route to the destination.

In a busy life, we are racing along time and hard-working hours, and many of us can’t able to cook the food, but during lunchtime, we think about the delicious food which we want to eat but we were having no time in the morning to cook, if you wish to cook now you don’t have the energy and patience to cook the food, now the user experience designer will come to action to play the information role in the user life by connecting the restaurant to the user by using the technology we call that as uber eats, Deliveroo and just eats.

What is UX design?

UX design plays a vital role in the user’s life, without the UX design our life is not easy as now. The products and technology we use for our day-to-day life make our life easier which was understood and designed by UX design.

UX design is the process of understanding the user’s needs, and designing and developing a product that can be able to serve the user’s needs. UX design is the process of integrating all things into one product through design and development. This doesn’t mean that once the product has been designed, developed, and release into the market our work has been done. No As the design, development of the product is the initial part of the UX design. Because when we are doing the research about the product we may focus on a limited set of groups of people, but as the product has been released to the market it may also serve another set of people, based on the research we conducted on the new group of people after research we need to add more new features, which has enhanced the user experience of the initial group of people also.

As a part of UX design our priority is people who are going to use the services, and our second priority is people who are offering these services. As a part of UX design, we need to focus on all the priority because if we have designed and developed a product that is very helpful for people and it solve around 95% of use problem, then also the product can’t be able to reach the user because of the poor company business and product marketing strategy.

We need to focus on both pillars. If we lost one, we may lose the trust of the user too. In the end, I’m a student I too don’t know much about user research, user experience design, user-centered design, etc.  But I learned some things about user research, survey, how to select the user group for the research, how to conduct the interview, and some of the things from Steph Troeth, and Chris How. The things will I have learned from them in the world of user research will help in my final major project.

Initially, when I used to be a developer, I usually think how dumb the designer are, there are never thought about the developer whether they can able to integrate this feature into the product or not. I think they can place the button somewhere here now so that it’s easy for us to develop and we need to put less effort to develop the product, but when I started learning user research, user experience design, and user-centered design then I got the knowledge that how much the placing of the button is matters.


I am very much interested in this topic, my topic for my major is the pregnancy life cycle of a mother from one week to till the birth of the baby.

Why this topic

I am from India, India is the second largest population country in the world and it is a developing nation, the doctor’s ratio in India is 0.77:1,000, so it will be very hard to access the doctor in India, Government of India is taking all the measures to controls the population and building the hospital in the small town and set up the mobile hospital in villages, etc, but we should always depend upon the doctor to get treated, as the medicine and drugs are the part of the modern world, in olden days we are not having any type of drugs to treat the patients, we generally based on the plants and they root from them we extract the solution with that we generally treat the patients in the golden days.

I chose this topic, particularly because my family is a joint family, almost more than 80% of the cousins are girls, and we are the third generation of our family, my grandma is a doctor of my mine family and surrounds villages, but she has not become a doctor by getting the doctoral degree from the medical college, she became a doctor by the experience and good know of the plant which we can able to find in the forest. She is good in her profession, my grandma is the first generation in our family tree and my parents are the second generation in our family tree, In the second generation of my family most of the care before the delivery has been taken care of by my grandma, because of that there are very fewer complications at the time of the delivery.

But we have the third generation in my family tree we are more towards the usage of the drugs like paracetamol for simple pains etc. For our generation when we are trying to practice and follow the old generation technique during pregnancy, we can’t be able to try because most of our second-generation parents are forgot how they have there taken care of by their mom during their pregnancy, because of that we can’t be able to adopt the technique to reduce the complications.

About my project

Because of that, I have taken this topic for my major project, in this topic I am not only focusing on one country because some of the herbs which we can be able to find in India don’t mean that someone can able to find them in their country. So that I am designing this project so that I can be able to serve all the people all over the world who can be able to access the internet in general and for every part, I try to implement my grandma’s secret formula which we can also follow.

In this project, I will provide information like what are all the measures we need to take care of during the pregnancy from week one to till the delivery of the baby. What are all the things you need to avoid during the pregnancy like food, medicines, exercise, etc., and what nutrients do you need to intake but the food so that it can help in the baby’s development, what are all the sleeping positions and what are the exercises you need to perform so that you can have the normal delivery.

I will explain everything on a weekly basis so that the user can be able to understand the process. They are many websites for the brands which are generally focused on some of these things(products), but in the end, they are all brands along with the information they will try to prompt the product to the users. Which can mislead the user. So, my focus is to explain all the complications they’re going to face during this cycle.

Initially, when I used to work as a developer, I think designing is a very easy part just grabbed the items mix with one another in the final output will come but after taking up the course and starting to think as a designer then I realise that designing is a not an easy task there is a lot of effects which we need to put to design the product which can fulfill the user needs.

I thought about how I can be able to do all the things like user research etc but when I learned things from Steph’s and Chris’s workshops given me a push from my back that I can able to do it. UX research will help us to understand what all the user problems are and how we can able to solve them by building a product or an application that can able to serve them, UX design and UX research are the initial steps for a product where we can able to understand the need and product what are all the similar product are there in the market.

Choosing the correct research methodology is a primary task for a designer because there are different methodologies out there with that methodology also we can able to do the research and we will be results from them but the appropriate result may vary. Because the methodology we may going to follow is appropriate to our product research, because of that when we conduct the research we can get the data that we needed to develop the product, but if you select an inappropriate methodology it will also give you a data set but it will have a mixture of necessary and unnecessary data set, because of that I budget for the design may vary which can cause the compromise in the quality of the product.


As I stated above, they are plenty of search methodologies we can be able to follow to extract the data, but we are going will the latest and most popular research method to collect the data.

Initially, I will list out what are all the available methodologies which we can able to use to collect the data.

  • Quantitative
  • Qualitative
  • Behavioural
  • Attitude
1-Quantitative research

Quantitative research is expressed in numbers and graphs. It is used to test or confirm theories and assumptions. This type of research can be used to establish generalizable facts about a topic. Common quantitative methods include experiments, observations recorded as numbers, and surveys with closed-ended questions. Quantitative research is at risk for research biases including information bias, omitted variable bias, sampling bias, or selection bias.

The data will be collected from the sources like:

  • Surveys
  • Experiments
  • Observations
2-Qualitative research

Qualitative research is expressed in words. It is used to understand concepts, thoughts, or experiences. This type of research enables you to gather in-depth insights on topics that are not well understood. Common qualitative methods include interviews with open-ended questions, observations described in words, and literature reviews that explore concepts and theories.

The data will be collected from the sources like:

  • Interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Ethnography
  • Literature review

Qualitative research is also at risk for certain research biases including the Hawthorne effect, observer bias, recall bias, and social desirability bias.


Behavioural Designers combine Psychology, Design, Technology, and Creative Methods to find out why people do the things they do and to figure out through experimentation how to activate them to change their behavior

A user’s behavior = ability + motivation + trigger

4- attitude

An attitude is a disposition to respond favorably or unfavorably to a person, product, organization, or experience. People have positive and negative feelings and ideas about companies, websites, and experiences.

  • Cognitive
  • Affective
  • Conative

Implementation of the User Experience Design

I have chosen the double diamond method to design my project.

The double diamond methodology undergoes two types:

  1. Strategy
  2.  Execution


The strategy plays a vital role in the double diamond methodology, in this phase of the methodology we will try to understand the user and their problem.

The strategy has been classified into two types:

  • Discover
  • Define


In this phase what are all the user needs, at what point user is facing an issue.


In the discover we are collecting a lot of user needs, in which we need to narrow into what problem we are trying to solve in them.


In the execution we try to find the possible outcomes to the problem, and what are all  the ways we can able to solve the problems.

  • Develop
  • Deliver


In this part we have comes up with the lot of solves for the problem.


Out of possible solution which solution is appropriate and we can able to impact the user, and fulfil their needs.


The user who can be able to interact with your product in different types. We as an designer our role is make our design our website in a way that any type of user can able to access like the blind person can able to access out website by using the screen reader, in  away we need to help people with different disabilities.

There are three main factors with are directly implement our methodology they are :

  1. Business (viability)
  2. User (desirability)
  3. Technology (feasibility)


A User Personas is created by collecting the varies types of data from the user from varies types of research methodology which we have choice for the project.

By the User persona we can be able to understand the problem statements of an user.

Empathy Maps:

We will get the empathy map by the user interview and from that we can able to category the information based on that we can able to priority the user requirements in the design process.

User journey maps:

A user journey maps is the visual representation of the user needs and their experience. By the user maps we can able to understand the pain points of the user which we need to solve, it is also a point where we can able to work on the optimization of pain points of the user.


The importance point to keep in mind that we never need to  forgot the user needs, while designing the products we can think that this can to good to look but it may not serve the user needs because of that we need to take care of the user need, and keep the user pain points in mind while designing, and never miss the pain points of the user.

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